After one week of intensive field work catching different species of frogs, newts, toads, lizards, snakes and tortoises, the course “Herpetofauna of Kosova” in 2018, the 4th edition of Summerschool finished with astonishing results!

A solid database of occurrences of different common species was collected.

Dr. Karsten Schäfer from the University of Konstanz explained and taught young scientists from Pristina and Konstanz and volunteers from AOS-Albanian Ornithological Society and GAIA Kosova, how to find and capture reptiles and amphibians, but also how to professionally collect data and how to analyze them.

The Faculty of Biology at the University of Pristina supported the logistics (teaching facilities, transport) during the course.

Everyone present learned lessons, made good experiences and became friends with each other to cooperate in the next activities.

This course was enabled by the Erasmus+ ICM Program and the International Office from the University of Konstanz.