The Kosovar Environmental Education and Research Center was established in 2016 with its mission to advance the importance of biodiversity research and environmental education in Kosovo.

The center has a database of data on the Kosovo biodiversity, with a special scientific collection of wild animals and plants in Kosovo embalmed and preserved, equipped spaces with appropriate laboratory tools that can be used for research purposes.

KEERC intends to develop its activities in cooperation with:

  • Universities and public and private schools
  • Central and local authorities / Museums / National Park Administrations
  • NGOs
  • Experts etc.


Purpose and Objectives of the KEERC Project

From August 2023, KEERC is implementing the two-year project supported by the German Federal Environment Agency through the University of Konstanz, which is designed to contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation in Kosovo by fulfilling the specific objectives:

  1. Drafting a feasibility study for the establishment of KEERC as a stable and highly functional center
  2. Networking and creating collaborations with different actors
  3. Exemplary practice = implementation of training in practice
  4. Initiating the lifespan of the KEERC center


The project includes a number of activities, but the most important are:

  1. Trainings for students, teachers and professors related to landscapes, habitats, communities and types of organisms.
  2. Organization of programs for the identification of plants and animals, ecological studies in the field, special morphological-systematic courses and courses on preparation techniques and care for the collection of plant and animal species.
  3. Preparation of exhibitions and documentation for plant and animal species in Kosovo.
  4. Collection of data on animals, plants and fungi in Kosovo (species register), which can be used for the creation or revision of Red Lists.
  5. Creation of professional scientific collections and didactics with collected animals and plants
  6. Functionalization of a laboratory for basic analysis of water and soil quality.
  7. KEERC spaces are available for discussions, conferences and meetings to generate synergy between students, researchers and other stakeholders for the nature sector and for environmental protection.

Two year project supported by:



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